Tick ​​tock star’s house attacked, what did the father do?

A 13-year-old social media influencer in the United States got into a terrible situation when one of his fans became obsessed and came to his house with a weapon, and lost his life due to the firing of the father of the influencer.

Eva Grace of Florida, USA started making videos on TikTuk in the year 2020 and soon her number of followers reached 1 million, when she was 13 years old.

An 18-year-old boy, Eric Justin, approached her and started texting her.

Justin also contacted Eva’s friends and classmates and paid them to buy Eva’s photos and phone number.

On some occasions, Eva herself sold some of her photos to Justin with the permission of her parents. These were photos that Eva had already shared on social media.

Soon Justin’s demands increased and he started asking for objectionable pictures after which Eva blocked him, Justin sent her 600 600 and asked her to block him.

Here Eva’s father contacted Justin. Eva’s father Bob was a former police officer. He strictly forbade Justin from contacting Eva anymore.

Justin then planned to attack and break into Eva’s home, for which he obtained a gun from a friend. One morning at 4:30, he arrived at Eva’s home and opened fire on the front door.

The family was shocked by the shooting. Bob got up and saw Justin on the other side of the door. Seeing them, Justin fled.

Bob chases after her, but after a while he returns home to find his gun. Meanwhile, Eva’s mother calls the police. Eva’s father waits for the police, but at the same time, Justin returns Came home

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As soon as he arrived, Justin fired a shot at Eva’s father, who shot him in the neck in self-defense, after which Justin died at the hospital.

Police recovered two mobile phones from Justin’s possession, one containing thousands of pictures of Eva.

Eva’s father was not punished under Florida’s self-defense law because he fired in self-defense, but after the horrific incident, Eva’s family had to relocate and Eva began studying at home.

Now, 2 years after the incident, the family is slowly returning to normal life, while Eva has once again started sharing social media content.

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