Ti West Discusses the Terrors of Aging and the Final Installment of the ‘MaXXXine’ Cinematic Series

What You Need to Know: Cinematica Podcast Explores Film and Television

Cinematica is a weekly podcast that delves into the world of film and television, discussing topics such as creators, genres, narratives, and perspectives. In each episode, the hosts explore their favorite movies and series, analyzing stories and connections.

Episode 9: MaXXXine

The ninth episode of Cinematica is dedicated to the film MaXXXine, a closing chapter in a trilogy of slashers that began in 2022. The film stars Mia Goth, who has become a prominent figure in the industry and a scream queen par excellence.

Interview with Ti West

In this episode, the hosts interviewed Ti West, the creator of MaXXXine, who discussed the story told between two characters, Maxine Minx and Pearl, across three different decades. The conversation explored themes such as bodies, aging, beauty, and how dreams and aspirations relate to these concepts.

Previous Episode of Cinematica

In the previous episode of Cinematica, the hosts spoke with Sergio López, former editor of Cine Premiere, about the rise of new romantic comedies in film and television. The discussion centered on whether these new love stories should replicate the successful formula of the 90s and early 2000s or rethought to speak to new audiences.

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