Thunderbolts: A Full-Fledged Revolution in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, According to Wyatt Russell (US Agent)

Wonder is currently in a rebuilding phase after a difficult start to Phase 5 of its cinematic universe. This turbulent time was marked by considerable disappointmentsAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as well as Secret invasion. Over and beyond, The wonders also disappointed financially, just generate $205 million in international sales despite a budget of almost 250 million dollars, without marketing costs. Aside from that, Wonder had to deal with issues related to Jonathan Majors, the actor Kang the Conquerorwho was officially forced out of his role as a major villain due to his domestic violence conviction.

Consequently only Deadpool 3 will be released in theaters this year as part of the MCU. Regarding Disney+just the series echo (and possibly Agatha: Darkhold Diaries) is born in this universe. The other projects were postponed to a much later date, like the choir film Lightningthat brings together supporting characters from the universe Wonder like for example the US agent (interpreted by Wyatt Russell), Red Guardian (played by David Harbour) or Elena Bolova (played by Florence Pugh). The release of the film Jake Schreier is planned for July 23, 2025 in France and therefore offers sufficient time for a well-prepared advertising campaign, especially since one of the actors is actively involved. If a lot of information about Lightning remain confidential, Wyatt Russellwho will interpret itUS AgentHe’s particularly excited about the idea of ​​teasing fans.

Thunderbolts – Marvel Studios concept art
Thunderbolts – Concept Art Marvel Studios

During a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporterthe actor revealed some interesting details about Lightningwhich highlights the exceptional talent of Jake Schreier. In his opinion, the film should break away from traditional conventions MCU to explore more adult content (and perhaps even mark the return of an R-rated film after Deadpool 3?):

“There is so much potential to be unlocked with Jake and so much more to be discovered through him.” I have the incredible opportunity to work with such talent when Thunderbolts opens in March or April. I feel like we’re looking for something deep and interesting to explore beyond superhero stunts. »

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