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Three years of electricity bills offered by Nexity… to buyers of new housing

It’s a welcome move that could appeal to those looking to buy a home. The company Nexity has decided to offer three years of electricity bills to all buyers of new housing, reports the property developer in a communicated published on its website and spotted by BFM TV Friday, May 13. In concrete terms, the company will operate a discount on the sale price of the property, corresponding to the “lump sum equivalent to the average maximum primary energy consumption of a dwelling per kilowatt hours per square meter and per year, over a period of three years,” the statement describes. Or 1700 euros for a T1, 3000 euros for a T2, 4500 euros for a T3, and 6000 euros for the T4, T5 and T6.

Conditions must be met to benefit from such a discount, which runs until July 3, 2022: the property must be purchased by a natural person for their main residence, and the signing of the final deed of sale must take place in a period of nine months after the signing of the act of reservation. Regularly, developers offer discounts to their customers, whether to sell the last apartments in a program or to finance new construction as quickly as possible.

But, until now, these reductions, always ephemeral, consisted of free notary fees, discounts on the purchase of additional rooms, free fitted kitchens or reservations without a security deposit. Offering reductions based on energy bills, the prices of which have been rising very sharply for several months, is a first that will certainly be very much appreciated by future buyers.


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