The octagon is prepared for the great mixed martial arts (MMA) card that on Saturday 27 of this November the promoter Fighting Force will present, which includes three headline fights, in an event to be held in the Fencing Pavilion of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center .

Next Saturday, starting at 6:00 pm, the billboard “Force 7 pending accounts” will be held, from the Fighting Force company, a leader in mixed martial arts in the Dominican Republic.

Details of the billboard were offered at noon this Monday, during a meeting with the press led by Rodolfo Dauhajre, president of that company.

The activity was attended by several of the fighters who will star in the long-awaited brawl, who assured that they are in optimal conditions for the strong commitment of the weekend.

The promoter was accompanied by the Administrative Vice Minister of Sports, Franklin De la Mota, as well as the businessman by Domingo Dauhajre and the fighters Tommy García (La Salsa), Micaías Ureña, the light champion Jhonasky Sojo (La Maquina) and the debutant as a professional Edgar Sosa. Also present was the brilliant Dominican fighter, Elías Santo.

Dauhajre confirmed the participation in that billboard of the great national stars, such as Sojo, Lucas Marte, Reynaldo De Los Santos, Ty Kalista, Ureña and Reynaldo Acevedo, among others.

The president of Fighting Force revealed that the card is dedicated to the administrator of the Reserve Bank, Samuel Pereyra, for his great career and support for martial arts sports in the country.

“This billboard is the end of the year gift that our promoter will give to the Dominican people,” said Dauhajre. “We will have a spectacular closing of the year for this great event,” he added.

He highlighted the support of the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, in the people of the Minister, Francisco Camacho and De la Mota, “who have always been at the side of this discipline, supporting each of the billboards set up by our company.”

On his side, De la Mota assured that the Government of President Luis Abinader and the ministry led by Camacho will continue to support all sports, especially mixed martial arts, due to the extraordinary growth and development that it has achieved in recent years throughout the world. country.


The fights


During Saturday’s undercard, champion Jhonasky ‘La Maquina’ Sojo, from Venezuela and a resident of the Dominican Republic, will make his first title defense against local contender Lucas ‘El Tiburon’ Marte in a five-round rematch in which he will be the 155-pound title at stake.

On his side, Luis ‘El Cañón’ Rodríguez will face Miguel Ángel Sosa for the 125-pound title endorsed by the Fighting Force.

In the final of the Dominican Insurance Grand Prix, the American resident in Punta Cana, Ty Kalista, will measure his ‘grappling’ against the former Dominican boxer Reynaldo ‘El Mulo’ De Los Santos, in a professional five-round MMA fight for the great 100,000 pesos cash prize and 145-pound Fighting Force title.

On the other hand, one of the most electrifying figures in national MMA, the Dominican Reynaldo ‘Tiki’ Acevedo, will fight against the Nicaraguan fighter Benjamin ‘The Beast’ Jirón, with the purpose of being the next contender for the 155-pound title, in so much so that Micaías ‘The Pink Ranger’ Ureña, former national champion of Fighting Force, will make his return to the Octagon for a fight against Colombian Jhon Tacha (7-1).

Another of the international fights is that of the Olympic fighter Tommy ‘La Salsa’ García, who will face the Colombian Nicolás Páez.



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