Three points of relief

Finally, the first league win for Burgos Club de Fútbol by Jon Pérez Bolo it is already a reality. Relief points, stings thanks to a phenomenal start from the locals, topped by Fer Niño with a subtle shota delicatessen that forwards a center in Matos to the network every quarter of an hour.

After, Real Oviedo had ten points left before the break and seemed to be in an ideal position, but in the second part also emerged the most pragmatic version of the Burgos team, without follies, with an opponent looking for him with ten players and chasing the disadvantages. At the end, An important victory for the good feelings of this team to be accompanied by these great friends, the points.

Very dynamic departure from Burgos as locals finally want to convert Many chances resulted in goals and thus in points. Oviedo didn’t lock themselves in their trenches either and the game went back and forth, an entertaining start. Raúl Navarro’s good cross was shot over the crossbar by Curro after eight minutes. AND Central defender Unai Elgezabal, who was forced to play due to the team’s situation, had to leave the field injured after just ten minutes Grego Sierra, the victim of the Levant field, enters the field.

It appeared to be a muscle problem for the Basque and Bolo was unlucky again as Burgos looked out again at Leo Román’s gloves on a low cross from Dani Ojeda. The locals pressed and the price of the goal fell as Matos came in from the left after a good change of direction and Fer Niño completed his two visitors’ lead with a subtle touch of the far post in what was sure to be a nice goal. The nine was claimed, a good Burgos was in front.

Oviedo made it 1-0 and Matos caused a scare. apparently injured, but fortunately without major problems. Gradually the game seemed to lose some momentum as Burgos closed in with two long-range shots from Curro Sánchez and Mumo.

After half an hour, delete the option for the two to zero on another arrival of a Matos is very active and controls Curro to tie him up at close range Dani Calvo pulls out a corner as the final score is already singing the goal. And when Aitor Córdoba served the corner kick, the header went up at the near post. Bolo’s continued and a steal from Dani Ojeda culminated in the winger reviving with a front kick that ended in a corner. And from the corner, the rehearsed action was a distant whiplash from Mumo, which Román punched for a corner kick. Local Overwhelm phase, Favors and getting the goal by Bolo’s team who already deserved more lead on the scoreboard.

And after 40 minutes the ball was divided in midfield the visitor Seoane, who made his debut with a yellow card, came on with a very high plate and the consequence was obvious, giving the Asturians ten before the break. But football always harbors unfathomable mysteries and with one down Viti had a chance in the 45th minute when Caro saved it before firing the 7th carbayon from point-blank range. And in the fifth and final minute of injury time, Burgos’ twisted move was sealed by Fer Niño with a low shot inside the penalty area that went four fingers wide of the post. Very good Burgos sensations.

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After the break, it was Real Oviedo who wanted to step into the opposition field while the home team were more thoughtful. Alemao was the dangerous reference at Punta Astur but after seven minutes Burgos, first in the counterattack led by Ander, warned with a final low shot from Dani Ojeda allowing Leo Román to shine.

Even though I’m dating ten The Oviedistas managed to get close, like a low and long-range shot from Sebas Moyano, which the good “Xurripi” safely intercepted. Those from Cervera had two fixed rows of four, which made it very uncomfortable for the locals when the ball was in their possession.

And it is that when crossing the equator of the second part The game went through a falsely quiet period where defenses were dominated and there was a very clear option for those from Bolo in the 69th minute in another talented move between Fer Niño and Ojeda, with a final shot to the delight of Ander Martín at the far post, who crashed spectacularly into the bar after an initial save by the visiting keeper.

Burgos was again more vertical and dangerous with the ball, while Oviedo’s warnings were more timid as a long-range shot from Jimmy was deflected. Caro’s biggest scare came in the 79th minute when blue striker Alemao ran out and his shot from the cross onto the balcony of the penalty area went just off the post. Paulino was next to warn the visitors, also well ahead, with a solid response from Caro, looking to keep his first game clean. Burgos achieved this through an orderly defense in the final stretch against an opponent who showed very little reaction in attack.

At the end, Relief and smiles because the first victory is already a reality. Now it’s time to keep growing.

data sheet

Burgos CF: Expensive; Raúl Navarro, Córdoba, Elgezabal (Grego Sierra, 11′), Matos; Mumo (Andy, 86′), Atienza (Appin, 72′); Dani Ojeda (Álex Sancris, 72′), Curro Sánchez, Ander Martín (Álex Bermejo, 86′); Far child.

Real Oviedo: Leo Roman; Mario Hernández (Jimmy, 64′), Dani Calvo (Oier Luengo, 64′), David Costas, Abel Bretones; Viti, Luismi, Camarasa (Paulino, 64′), Sebas Moyano (Borja Bastón, 75′); Seoane, German.

Goal: 1-0 (14th minute): Fer Niño.

Referee: Archdeacon Monescillo (College of Castile-La Mancha). Red for double yellow for guest Seoane (9th and 40th). Yellow cards for locals Grego Sierra (45’+4′), Fer Niño (71′), Matos (88′) and Curro (91′); and guests David Costas (34′) and Dani Calvo (61′).

Field: El Plantío, in front of 9,854 spectators, more than a thousand from Oviedo.

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