The I raised has lost the category after losing heavily to the real Madrid and this is going to bring a series of consequences to the squad, given that they are not going to be able to keep many of the players that they currently have. In the Granota squad there are several very interesting players who are going to end up packing since they are not willing to play in the second division, the truth is that there are no shortage of suitors.

Joseph Campaign:

Roger Marti:

The Valencian striker has been followed by many clubs for several years and Levante’s relegation puts his signing on a silver platter. In the League there are three clubs willing to bid for him, Cádiz, Rayo Vallecano and Getafe, although it is not ruled out that more teams will appear interested in incorporating him as the weeks go by, it is a great bargain.

George Fruits:

The Segovian winger is one of Levante’s great figures in recent years and many eyes are on him. At the moment we only know of Getafe’s interest in signing him, but we have also been able to see how Valencia has tested his incorporation on several occasions given that they need a right-wing player for next year.

Jose Luis Morales:

As a counterpart we have the great capital, Commander Morales, since he has confirmed that he is willing to stay at the club in the second division since his desire is to return Levante to the position it deserves, that is, back to the first division. Morales is the great star of the team, the goal man, many clubs had noticed him, but he has already confirmed that his wish is not to move from the Ciutat de Valencia.


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