Home Business Three major powers are holding summits on North Korean crypto hackers

Three major powers are holding summits on North Korean crypto hackers

Drie landen houden topoverleg over Noord-Koreaanse crypto hackers

In recent years, Crypto Insiders has regularly read about crypto hackers from North Korea.

It is estimated that these North Korean hackers have stolen billions of euros worth of cryptocurrencies over the years and used them to finance the country’s nuclear weapons program.

That’s why security advisors from the US, South Korea and Japan recently discussed North Korea’s crypto thefts and arms financing.

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National Security Advisor Talks About North Korean Crypto Hackers

The White House announced that US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, Japanese adviser Takeo Akiba and South Korean adviser Cho Tae-Yong met on December 8. The meeting took place in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

The trio met to discuss various topics related to North Korean crypto hackers and weapons of mass destruction financing, the White House press release said.

“The National Security Advisors reviewed progress on a variety of trilateral initiatives, including commitments to consult on regional crises, sharing ballistic missile defense data, and our joint efforts to respond to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s use of cryptocurrencies. “Revenue for its illegal weapons of mass destruction programs.”

According to the press release, the trio also discussed relations between North Korea and Russia. However, what further discussions were held or decisions were made will not be disclosed.

North Korea has already stolen $3 billion worth of cryptocurrencies

According to a recent study, North Korean hackers have already stolen about $3 billion worth of cryptocurrencies. The US government has therefore already blacklisted a large number of crypto wallet addresses that are suspected to belong to North Korean hackers.

The Lazarus Group, a notorious hacking group linked to the North Korean state, attacked Axie Infinity (AXS) last year and stole up to $600 million worth of cryptocurrencies. It recently emerged that the hackers had stolen an additional $240 million.

Several crypto mixers, which are services designed to mix cryptocurrencies to make them harder to trace, have now been banned. North Korean hackers are said to be using these services to move the stolen cryptocurrencies. This also applies to Tornado Cash, an Ethereum (ETH) mixer whose founder is facing charges in the Netherlands.

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