Three live flies were removed from an American woman’s eye

In India, a team of doctors performed a complex operation and removed 3 live flies from the eye of an American woman.

Indian media According to the report, an American woman in a private hospital in the capital New Delhi came to the emergency ward with a complaint of moisture, swelling and redness in one eyelid.

The American woman told the doctor that for a few weeks she felt something moving inside her eye. I had also contacted the doctors in the United States but they had given me some medicine and sent me home.

According to the report, the American woman had recently traveled to the jungles of Amazon. Doctors performed the necessary tests on the woman, after which she was diagnosed with a very rare type of tissue infection, ‘My Isis’.

A team of specialist doctors at a private hospital in Delhi successfully operated on a 32-year-old woman’s eye, during which three live flies of about 2 cm came out of one of her eyes. Are

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