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Three lambs stolen from a property of Charles III by militants

The animal rights group Animal Rising published this Thursday images of an operation by its members in the Sandringham estate (United Kingdom), which belongs to King Charles III. The activists’ goal was to raise awareness about raising animals for food. They stole three of the lambs from the property this Wednesday evening, the collective said on Twitter.

The activists surrendered

Three women presented themselves to police station in Slough (UK), Norfolk Police reported. They were arrested “on suspicion of theft”. The video uploaded by Animal Rising shows three activists running after lambs in a meadow and grabbing several animals. The clip also shows them explaining the reasons for their gesture while holding the sheep in their arms.

One of the activists spoke of a “rescue” operation which allowed the animals to be offered “a life in freedom”. She claimed that “otherwise they would have been taken to the slaughterhouse soon and people would have eaten them”. Animal Rising has also indicated its willingness to set up other operations of the same type throughout the summer, hoping to convince the British to change their diet.

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