Three keys to launching a successful B2B online marketplace

B2B sales through a marketplace will grow in the coming years at a rate of 32% CAGR. At this rate, total B2B sales made on a marketplace will reach 14% of total B2B commerce by 2025. This is double the current percentage and twice the rate of traditional e-commerce, according to data reported by miraklthe first and most advanced SaaS marketplace platform.

One of the main reasons behind the success of the marketplace model is that, by making it easier for third parties to sell through the platform, the available offer is expanded, increasing the engagement of both buyers and sellers. Mirakle has identified the keys that must be taken into account to ensure the success of launching a B2B marketplace:

  • Define a vision and clear strategies for the marketplace

When launching a successful B2B marketplace, one must not lose sight of the reasons that led to this decision and how this model is expected to benefit the company. As the project progresses, the strategy and implementation of the marketplace must be linked to corporate values. The more concrete and results-oriented the plan, the easier it will be to achieve a minimum viable ecosystem (MVE): building an initial critical mass of vendors and customers who, together, optimize network effects from day one. launch of the marketplace, ensuring that it is providing optimal value for all stakeholders.

  • Select the right technology

For many B2B organizations, the implementation of the appropriate technology in their marketplace is usually a fairly simple task, but this should not be underestimated. A marketplace is only as good as the technology that powers it. In this sense, you will need a robust set of features, capabilities and APIs that allow you to operate effectively with quality, safety and efficiency.

  • Establish a marketplace team

A marketplace must be integrated within the organization. Setting up the business activity and technology stack in the marketplace requires a set of skills that may not be found in the template. Therefore, it is necessary to associate with experts in this field.

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