Three European port sites threatened by a cyberattack

A massive cyberattack has targeted port facilities in at least three European countries: Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

According to a specialized broker established in Rotterdam (Netherlands), the computer hacking concerns oil terminals, which disrupts energy deliveries in several major ports.

According to the Belgian daily From Morgan, at least six oil terminals have also been targeted in the Netherlands and Belgium in the last 24 hours.

For its part, the German courts have opened an investigation against X for “extortion” after the cyberattack on oil terminals in the country, the Hamburg prosecutor’s office told AFP on Thursday, while similar facts were noted in Belgium.

“The starting point of the procedure was a criminal complaint filed by a company victim of a ransomware attack,” he detailed. The company in question, Oiltanking, confirmed on Wednesday that it had been “victim of a cyber incident affecting (its) computer systems”.

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