Three employees of a major US media company fired for not getting vaccinated

Georgia: US media company CNN fired three employees for failing to vaccinate.

According to the details, the American news channel fired 3 employees for arriving at the office without vaccinating Corona and the company has warned employees that negligence regarding vaccination will not be tolerated.

The company has also hinted that a process like a media pass card could be started on a regular basis to show evidence of future vaccines.

CNN boss Jeff Zucker messaged employees, saying that vaccinations were necessary and everyone needed to be vaccinated to work with other employees, even if they were in the office, whether they come in or not.

It should be noted that the world is urging people to get vaccinated as soon as possible to prevent new types of coronavirus. According to the report, due to the global epidemic, employees are currently able to work in the office on a voluntary basis. they should wear a face mask.

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It should be remembered that last week the US agency CDC had sounded the alarm saying that the Delta variant infection has the potential to spread as easily as chickenpox.

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