Novak Djokovic is appealing against Australian immigration minister Alex Hawke’s decision to revoke his visa. The Serbian tennis player was told on Friday that he must leave Australia, but he immediately went to court because he wants to participate in the Australian Open on Monday, which start then.

It will therefore be an exciting weekend for Djokovic, his lawyers and the Australian minister. Anyway, what’s happening this weekend?

Conversation at immigration and detention

The Australian Immigration Service has invited Djokovic for an interview on Saturday. Until then, the Serbian tennis player can stay where he is at that moment and does not have to go back to the hotel in Melbourne where he also had to stay for a few days last week.

After the conversation on Saturday, Djokovic will be taken into custody by the immigration service, but as long as the judge has not made a decision, Djokovic must remain in Australia. The judge is expected to rule on Sunday morning (Dutch time).

Formal request

In the Dutch night from Friday to Saturday, Djokovic’s lawyers first have to submit the formal request to the federal court. During the preparatory hearing it became clear to some extent what the defense will be.

The Serbian tennis player’s lawyers say the Australian minister is acting “irrationally” and that his decision stems from the fact that the minister fears Djokovic’s presence would “provoke anti-vax sentiments”. Basically what will happen if Djokovic is deported, the lawyers argue.


The hearing will then take place in the Dutch night from Saturday to Sunday (00.00 hours Dutch time) at the federal court. That judge will ultimately determine whether or not Djokovic can stay in Australia and participate in the Australian Open next Monday.


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