Three white men have been convicted of murdering a black man in Georgia last year. The victim was 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, who was jogging when he was shot.

The three convicts are a 35-year-old man, his 65-year-old father and their 52-year-old neighbor. The criminal case against them lasted a month. It is not yet known what punishment they will receive.

The case shows that there is still a lot of racism in the United States, according to US President Biden. “This shows how much work is still needed before we achieve equality in this country.”

Protests in USA

The trio chased the jogger in their pickups last February. They told police they thought Arbery was a fleeing burglar. The 65-year-old father admitted that he and his son armed themselves and chased Arbery together. The neighbor then helped prevent the jogger from escaping.

Footage showing Arbery being shot at close range went around the world last year. In the United States, his death was cited in protests against racism, following the death of George Floyd, who was also black.


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