Home World Threats to blow up schools in US

Threats to blow up schools in US

Threats to blow up schools in US

Riots erupted in the US state of Washington, D.C., after schools were threatened with explosives.

According to the foreign media report, 8 schools in Washington DC were threatened to destroy explosives after being threatened to destroy explosives.

Washington police said in a statement that they had received threats to destroy schools in the capital, after which the schools were evacuated immediately.

According to police, the schools have been declared clear while further investigations into the threat are underway.

On the other hand, the husband of US Vice President Kamala Harris walked out of the school after receiving a bomb threat.

According to police, Kamala Harris’ husband was evacuated during a visit to a high school in Washington when the school was threatened with a bomb.

Police say they have sought the help of federal agencies.

The Chancellor of DC Public Schools said in a statement: “This is a disturbing incident. We take such incidents seriously.”

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