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Threads outperform X in downloads

Threads outperform X in downloads

Threads, Meta’s social network, is gaining momentum again and has managed to surpass X (formerly known as Twitter) in downloads on the App Store and Google Play, because the list of companies that have withdrawn their advertising from the social network operated by Elon Musk is growing. The American company Walmart was the latest to join the advertiser exodus.

According to TechCrunch, as of Thursday, November 23rd, The number of daily Threads downloads has increased to 620,000, compared to 350,000 in early November and around 1 million in early September. Although this recent increase in threads is believed to be due to the release of meta ads for the new app, this is still the case brings threads to the top in terms of new downloads compared to X.

Specific, Threads had 41 million downloads in the last weekwhile X only got 27 million. Meta capitalized on Instagram’s growth in India, achieving 9.2 million new downloads there, representing 11.2%. The US came in second with 6.1 million downloads, 7.4%.

X, for his part, fell. Indonesia is the country with the highest number of downloads, followed by India. However, according to the data The United States, Indonesia and India combined had fewer downloads for X than Threads in India alone. The social network is suffering the effects of the name change as users continue to search for “Twitter” in app stores. The clearest evidence of this phenomenon is Twitter LiteThe grew 350% in the first week after the platform name change.

Even so, X is still larger than threads. The social network has more than 500 million monthly active users, while Threads reported just under 100 million following the release of Meta’s latest financial results in October.

Meta completes the launch of subjects in Europe. Recently, the Wall Street Journal announced that the application will arrive in December this year. To launch the application on the Old Continent, Meta offers The Ability to view Threads content without having an active profile, allowing only publishing.

Indentation of advertisers in X

In the midst of this “surprise” from Threads to X, Elon Musk sees how big companies have stopped advertising a message in which the businessman expressed his agreement with an anti-Semitic publication. Since then, more than a hundred companies have withdrawn their ads on the platform. Among them stand out Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Disney, IBM, Airbnb, Warner Bros. either Walmart. Also institutions such as The European Commission has decided to suspend its advertising in X for Musk’s message with allusions to a conspiracy theory about Jews, considering it was Labeled anti-Semitic and racist by the White House.

This bleeding of advertisers threatens the social network that is at risk of losing $75 million (€69.3 million) by the end of the year, according to internal documents accessed by The New York Times. X needs advertising to survive Almost 90% of revenue comes from advertisers.

«The withdrawal of the X-brands has led to a split in influencer opinions. Some express dissatisfaction with Musk’s actions, highlighting concerns about the impact on advertiser trust and overall brand image or strategic business decisions” he commented Smitarani tripathy, GlobalData Social Media Analyst.

«Walmart attributes the advertising withdrawal to, among other things, Musk’s negative influence on X, while others see it as a strategic move to protect their own brands. The fact that companies like Disney, Apple and IBM are pulling their ads has led to debates about whether they should praise or punish their actions. Musk is under scrutiny and accused of causing X a potential financial loss of up to $75 million« added the analyst.

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