With purple flags, masks and hats and shouting “Not one less”, thousands of people demonstrated this Thursday on the International Day of Non-Violence against Women in the main Spanish cities. The fight against sexist violence is a national cause in Spain, which in 2004 became the first European country to adopt a law that made the gender of the victim an aggravating circumstance in the event of aggression.

Leslie Holguín, a 30-year-old student and actress present in Madrid, said: “Worldwide it is still a scourge and a very big problem and it is time for the patriarchal violence against our bodies, our lives and our decisions to end. “. In addition to the activities in the Spanish capital, other marches were held in cities such as Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Murcia (Photo).

“No country will be fully democratic if half of its population is at risk of violence because they are women. Ending sexist violence is a true state policy“, the president stressed on Twitter Pedro Sanchez, whose government, which has more female ministers than ministers, proclaims itself a feminist. The country has a public gender violence observatory that has counted 1,118 women murdered by their partners or ex-partners since 2002, 37 of them in 2021.



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