When you’re making a hotel reservation or filling out a purchase form, you probably assume that nothing gets sent to the server until you click the button. To send.

Well, maybe not. According to new research, this is not always the case. A surprising number of websites collect some or all of your data as you fill out forms, even if you can’t press the button To send.

Researchers from the University of Leuven, the University of Radboud and the University of Lausanne tracked and analyzed the 100,000 most important websites, analyzing the situations in which a user visits a website from the European Union and another from the United States.

they found that 1,844 websites collected an EU user’s email address without their consent, and 2,950 recorded a US user’s email address in some way.

It appears that many of the sites do not claim to perform data logging, but instead incorporate third-party analytics and marketing services that cause this behavior.

“If there is a submit button on a form, the reasonable expectation is that it will do something, that it will submit your data when you press it.says Güneş Acar, professor and researcher in the cybersecurity group at Radboud University and one of the study’s leaders..

“We were very surprised by these results. We thought maybe we would find a few hundred sites where your email was collected before it was sent, but this far exceeded our expectations.”

in the background, the behavior is similar to that of so-called keyloggers, which are usually malicious programs that record everything a target types. However, on a top-notch website, users probably don’t expect their information to be recorded without consent.


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