Thousands of Sikhs decided to secede from India

The second phase of the referendum for the establishment of the state of Khalistan in India was completed in Brisbane, Australia. Sikhs cast votes in large numbers.

Pro-Khalistan Sikhs forcibly shut down the Honorary Indian Consulate in Brisbane in protest. The Sikh community expressed their disgust with Indian extremism and demanded the establishment of Khalistan as soon as possible.

It should be remembered that the number of people participating in the referendum is constantly increasing. On which Narendra Modi is deeply concerned and embarrassed.

The Australian government has also issued a new travel advisory for travel to India. In the new travel advisory, citizens are told that there is a serious risk of violence in other Indian states including Punjab.

It should be noted that on January 29 of this year, a referendum in favor of Khalistan was held in Melbourne, Australia, organized by an organization called Sikhs for Justice, in which thousands of people from the Sikh community voted in favor of independent Khalistan.

In the referendum, more than fifty-five thousand Sikhs voted in favor of the independence of Khalistan, there were queues of up to two kilometers for the referendum.

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