Thousands of rare animals have died due to the worst drought in Africa

Thousands of animals have died due to drought in East Africa.

According to international media reports, many African countries are facing severe drought these days and it is being called the worst drought in decades.

Thousands of rare and endangered animals have also died due to drought. In Kenya alone, extremely low rainfall over the past 2 years has displaced millions of people, with severe adverse effects on wildlife.

According to reports, the regions of Amboseli, Tsavo and Laikipia-Samboro in Kenya are the worst affected by the drought. Parks and other centers for wildlife conservation are located in these areas.

Kenya’s wildlife conservation agency and international organizations have compiled data on the number of animals killed by the drought in the past 9 months. Among the animals killed are many endangered species of wildlife.

According to international organizations, 205 elephants, 512 wild buffaloes, 381 common zebras, 49 gray zebras and 12 giraffes have died due to drought in the first 9 months of this year, besides other small wild animals and cattle.

In view of the current situation, wildlife conservation organizations have called for an urgent aerial census of wildlife to comprehensively assess the effects of drought on wildlife.

Wildlife experts have recommended an immediate supply of water and salt to affected areas.

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