Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Britain and France

In view of rising inflation and insufficient salaries in the country, not only the public but the medical staff of France are protesting in favor of their demands. On the other hand, the ambulance drivers of London and Wales are also ready to come to the streets against the reduction of salaries.

According to details, private doctors and biologists in France have started a two-day strike in favor of their demands. On the other hand, the ambulance drivers of London and Wales have also announced to go on strike against the reduction of salaries.

The Franciscan Doctors and Biologists Union has called for a two-day strike from private doctors and biologists across the country against the current health services tariff.

Since 2015, a group of French doctors has been calling for a strike to pressure the government into granting their demands.

This young doctor’s movement called Future Doctors has managed to get 15,000 members on Facebook in just a few weeks and continues to grow.

110,000 French doctors and biologists are furious over the health services tariff issue.

Future Doctors, an organization, is demanding a doubling of its fees and says that the visit fee should be increased from 25 euros to 50 euros, which is in line with other EU countries.

Jerome Marty, secretary of the French organization Union for Free Medicine UFML, says that apparently our demand seems illogical, but if we look at the medical tariff prevailing in other European Union countries, then this demand will appear completely logical.

It is said that SOS Medicine and the Children’s Doctors Association were not invited to participate in the strike due to the bronchitis epidemic, but hundreds of clinics across France are expected to close.

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In this regard, a demonstration is being held in front of the Ministry of Health building in Paris on Thursday, in which hundreds of doctors and biologists are participating.

There have been reports of similar protests from twenty other cities in France. Meanwhile, the Association of Ambulance Drivers in Great Britain says that the number of ambulance drivers in England and Wales has reached an all-time low due to tough working conditions.

According to the report of the TV channel called CGTN, one in ten ambulance drivers in England and Wales have announced to go on strike in favor of their demands, but the date of the start of the strike was announced after the decision of the trade union. will be done

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