Thousands of people offered to adopt Ayat, a Syrian girl born in the rubble

Aleppo: Ayat, an orphan born under the rubble in Syria, has been offered for adoption by thousands of people from all over the world.

According to the details, thousands of people have offered to adopt the baby girl Ayat, who was born to her mother Afra Abu Hadiya under the rubble of a five-story apartment in a town of Jandirs in northwestern Syria.

When Ayat was rescued from the wreckage, she was still attached to her mother by the umbilical cord. Ayat lost his mother, father and four siblings in this earthquake. It is said that Ayat was born about 7 hours after the earthquake.

The BBC According to Ayat is currently under medical care at the hospital, her pediatrician Hani Maruf told the media that Ayat was brought in on Monday in a very bad condition, she had sores on her throat, she was cold. She had collapsed and was barely breathing, but her condition is better now.

Videos of Ayat’s rescue went viral on social media, with the footage showing a man running from the rubble of a collapsed building, with a newborn baby in his arms.

At that time, a distant relative of the girl, Khalil al-Sawadi, was also there. He took the newborn to Dr. Maruf in Afrin, Syria.

Thousands of people have now taken to social media to offer to adopt the girl, asking for details in this regard, however, a report says that her great uncle, Salah Al Badran, will adopt her.

“I would like to adopt him and give him a dignified life,” said one person. Is.”

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What was the name of the Syrian girl born in the rubble?

Hospital manager Khalid Atiya says he has received dozens of calls from people all over the world who want to adopt Ayat.

The baby girl is currently being breastfed by Dr. Khalid’s wife, whose own daughter is only 4 months older than Ayat.

The sad thing is that people are still searching for their loved ones in the collapsed buildings in Ayat’s hometown of Jandirs, a journalist there, Mohammad Al Adnan, told the BBC that the situation is telling, many under the rubble. People are still trapped, there are still people we haven’t been able to get out.

He estimated that 90 percent of the town has been destroyed and most of the help so far has come from locals.

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