Thousands of people demonstrate in Morocco against repression and inflation

Thousands of Moroccans demonstrated this Sunday in Rabat against the "expensive life and repression"as verified by AFP journalists present at a protest organized by left-wing groups at a time when indignation is growing in Morocco.

This national march, which brought together some 3,000 people according to reporters present at it, was one of the most important in recent months in this North African country.

It was called by the Moroccan Social Front (FSM), which brings together left-wing parties and trade union organizations.

"The people want prices to go down. The people want to bring down despotism and corruption"the protesters yelled.

"We have come to protest against a government that represents the marriage between money and power and that supports monopoly capitalism."declared the national coordinator of the WSF, Younès Ferachine.

With inflation of 7.1% in October, Morocco registered "levels of poverty and vulnerability as in 2014"due to the covid-19 pandemic and the rise in prices, indicated a recent report from the Moroccan High Commissioner for Planning.

Besides the "expensive life"the protesters denounced "any form of repression" against the opposition and freedom of expression, in a country where several journalists and militants opposed to the current executive were jailed.

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