More than 20,000 people attended the great producers’ fair “Inespre Está de Madre” organized in Santiago de los Caballeros, and where residents of the Northern Region of the country acquired cheap and quality products.

Iván Hernández Guzmán, director of Inespre, expressed his satisfaction with the event being held in his hometown of Santiago.

"Thanks to a correct management of the Agricultural Cabinet headed by the President of the Republic and the Minister of Agriculture, in the Dominican Republic there is an abundance of many products and there is no shortage as in other nations, for which I am honored to participate in it"Hernandez Guzman said.

He also expressed satisfaction at facilitating access to food for thousands of Dominican mothers, in all regions of the country for a full month.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Estrella, president of the Senate, and Ulises Jiménez, director of Proindustria, highlighted the quality and variety of the food offered, the good customer service, and the facilities that Inespre gives producers to market their crops directly in its institutional programs.

While Franco Núñez, director of Inespre in Santiago; reported that the institution prepared great offers for Dominican families such as bananas at 1, chicken at 150, egg carton at 90, normal hens at 100 and giant hens at 300; two and a half pounds of potatoes for 10 pesos; a pound of select rice at 20 pesos, a pound of onion at 7, red beans 800 grams at RD$110 pesos and half a pound of garlic at 100 pesos; as well as others.

Nelson Marte, deputy director of Inespre in Santiago, highlighted that the success of the fair was the result of the teamwork of hundreds of collaborators, the Presidency of the Republic, the Provincial Government, private companies and other entities.

the great fair "Inespre is a mother" will close on Friday May 27 and Saturday May 28 for Greater Santo Domingo at the old Herrera Airport.


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