Thousands of ICO-era Ethereum come back to life

An investor who participated in the ICO of Ethereum in 2014 decided to get his Ethers moving again after eight years. From the 2014 ICO to today, the coins were at the same address. This concerns a total of 2,365 Ethers, of which 2,360 have now been moved to a new wallet.

Huge price gain

The investor in question will be quite happy with his investment. In 2014, he paid $733.15 for the 2,365 Ethereum. In 2014, investors were given the opportunity to enter for $ 0.31 per token during the ICO.

At the time of writing, those Ethers are worth over $4.3 million. This means that the investor in question has made a profit of approximately 586,000 percent on his investment.

There are probably very few investments that can match that return. Many people will probably be quite envious of investor returns, but at the time it was a giant gamble.

After all, in 2014 it was anything but a certainty that Ethereum would reach the prices it is at today. At the all-time high of $4,878, this person’s investment was worth $11.5 million.

Only 5 Ethers left

At the moment there is in the original wallet only 5 Ethereum currently carrying a value of just under $10,000. In addition, the investor still owns just over $200 in altcoins.

It appears that the Ethers were sold in a private deal. Although it is of course also possible that the investor has simply chosen to reorganize his wallets.

In any case, the receiving wallet has not done anything with the Ethereum so far. As you can see in the image above, they are all still in the new wallet, which seems to have been created specifically for this transaction.

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