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Thousands of foreigners started moving to Poland and Hungary


Despite strong opposition from Poland and Hungary to the ‘EU Migrant Quota System’, migrants are moving to these two countries in large numbers.

According to a foreign news agency report, Poland and Hungary were the only two EU member states that voted against reforming the EU’s asylum laws in June.

Despite the continuous anti-immigration statements of these countries, migration from non-EU countries to these two countries is increasing.

Shaurya Singh is a management consultant from Varanasi in North East India and works in the Polish capital. Shaurya told DW in an interview that he was offered a job by a company called EY as a result of a talent search by an international staffing agency through LinkedIn and he joined it. Earlier he was working under a contract with Dutch Bank ING.

Ibrahim, a young man from Namibia in his early twenties or 22s who is a credit risk model developer, works at a major bank in Warsaw. He says that a whole new world opened up to him as soon as he came to Poland.

“My experience working here has been really amazing. The company I work for has a great work culture and the management here is excellent,” he told DW.

He said that this experience in Poland has helped me a lot in my development and will help me contribute a lot to Namibia in the future.

It should be noted that in many European countries, the proportion of elderly people is increasing rapidly and the population is shrinking. The European Employment Services is a network that aims to facilitate free movement within the European Union.

Data from the network show that almost all Central and Eastern European countries experienced population decline between 2010 and 2021.

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