Thousands of Czechs demonstrate against the government and the high cost of living

Shouting “resign” and “shame”, thousands gathered in central Prague on Sunday to protest against the centre-right government, accusing it of being more concerned with the fate of Ukraine than with his fellow citizens.

The demonstrators demonstrated in particular against the decision of the government of Prime Minister Petr Fiala to increase the prices of energy and food while inflation reached 15% in this member country of the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance.

The departure of NATO in the claims

Among the banners, several demanded the departure of the Czech Republic from NATO and called for peace talks in Ukraine. The Czech government has provided substantial military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the country was invaded by Russia in February 2022.

The government “should be replaced by real experts, the current ministers are not good and unable to deal with the economic situation of the country”, declared one of the demonstrators Ludek Sic.

This government is full of “warmongers,” said Renata Urbanova, waving a Czech flag. “And on top of that they make us suffer from an economic point of view, the prices of energy and food are too high,” she added.

The demonstrators, gathered behind the slogan “Czechia against poverty”, responded to the call of PRO, a small party not represented in Parliament.

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