Thousands of Arab students trapped in Ukraine

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, foreigners have sought to return to their homeland, including thousands of Arab nationals, who have come for employment or education.

According to local media reports, thousands of young Arabs studying in Ukraine are appealing to return home after the Russian invasion.

More than 10,000 Arab students are currently studying at Ukrainian universities, most of them living in Ukraine due to the tense situation in their home countries.

Many have taken refuge in basements or metro stations in various locations, criticizing their governments for failing to take concrete steps to repatriate them.

Many Arabs have also sought refuge in Ukraine’s neighbors Poland or Romania in search of safe havens.

Ali Mohammed, an Iraqi student, says that since Russia invaded Ukraine, he has made a dozen phone calls a day to the Iraqi embassy in the capital, Kyiv, but no one has been contacted.

According to the Iraqi government, there are 5,500 Iraqis living in Ukraine, including about 450 students.

Ukraine currently has the largest number of Moroccan students from Arab countries studying at various universities, numbering around 8,000, followed by Egypt with more than 3,000 students.

Hundreds of Lebanese students are also stranded in Ukraine, waiting for help, according to the World Bank.

Ali Karim, owner of a restaurant in the capital, Kyiv, said he was helping Lebanese women who had taken refuge at the metro station by providing food.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bo Habib said that various projects are being implemented to help its citizens stranded in Ukraine.

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