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Those who want to defend the country will be given arms: Ukrainian President’s announcement

Those who want to defend the country will be given arms: Ukrainian President's announcement

Kiev: The Ukrainian president has announced that any citizen who wants to defend the country will surrender.

According to the details, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has announced on his official Twitter account that we will give arms to any citizen who wants to defend the country, be ready to support the country in the squares and intersections of the country’s cities.

The Ukrainian president also announced the lifting of sanctions on citizens ready to defend the country, saying sanctions were being lifted on defenders.

“We have severed diplomatic relations with Russia, all countries should support Ukraine against Russian aggression, and the international community should protest the war against Ukraine,” he said.

Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russia has attacked Germany in the style of Nazi government, Russia is on the path of evil but Ukraine is defending itself, Ukraine will not give up its independence.

Russia invades Ukraine

It should be noted that Russian forces have launched a regular attack on Ukraine, Russian troops have entered the Donbass region, and Russia has also claimed to have destroyed Ukraine’s air base and air defense system.

Twelve airports adjacent to Ukraine have been closed, and President Putin has sent a message to the international community not to interfere in the war with Ukraine, saying that any intervention would have dire consequences.

Ukraine attack: NATO chief’s big demand from Russia

Due to the Russian invasion, martial law has been imposed in Ukraine, airspace has been closed, people are fleeing from the capital Kiev, banks and ATMs are in a rush, Therefore, contacts are being made with foreign leaders and appeals are being made to support them.

Ukraine has also claimed to have shot down five Russian planes, but Russia has denied this.

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