Those who have common sense, won’t blame me : Soonerah

Those who have common sense, won't blame me : Soonerah

Those who have common sense, they will not blame me – said Sunerah bint Kamal.

Actress Sunerah Binte Kamal’s movie ‘Antarjal’ is releasing on Eid. This is his second film after his first film ‘Nodrai’.

Recently, an exchange meeting was organized with journalists in Baridhara of the capital.

Sunerah was present there. Apart from talking about the internet, the actress also talked about this recent issue. He informed that he does not deserve what is being discussed about him.

The actress said, ‘I have learned a lot by acting in films.

I never work expecting to get anything. But let’s try. Hope it will be well received by the internet audience.’

A private video was released before the release of the film and the discussion is about him.

But he did not want to be practiced like this. He could never have imagined that the video, which was pretending to be mischievous in the circle of friends, would become public like this.

The National Film Award-winning actress said, ‘Discuss and criticize the movie. Not about personal life. I have already cleared the speech on the current viral topic.

I don’t want to say anything new. I am busy with work, study, love work. Apart from that, I watch movies and sleep when I have time. I may have been a little confused in the beginning. But now I have arranged everything.’

He also expressed his regret about the language used by Sunera in that viral video. He said, those who have common sense, they will not blame me. I didn’t do anything. The Sunera that I used to be, is no more. Sorry to everyone for the language I used in the viral video. Parimani is blaming me, it’s stupidity. If necessary, check the location of Raj’s ID. And let’s look at the location where I was at that time.’

Not taking any legal action against the video, Sunerah said, ‘I will not take any legal action. I have cleared my position. That is enough.’

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