Those who do not return to Saudi Arabia due to sanctions will now be called ‘fugitives’?

Riyadh: The Saudi Passport and Immigration (Licensing) Department has issued an important clarification regarding the filing of a fugitive (report of escape) against immigrants.

According to Arab media reports, a person inquired from the permits that he went to Pakistan on holiday from Saudi Arabia but could not return due to restrictions.

The Saudi Passport Department replied that according to the licensing law, foreign workers returning to their home country could not file a complaint.

Jawazat said that Haroob means to run away from the employer while the dismissed workers go out on promise at the will of the employer, so in such a case, Haroob is not possible on the part of the sponsor.

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Those who go on exit visa cannot be included in the category of Hurob. Sometimes foreigners are considering themselves as Hroob finalists due to misunderstanding. It is necessary to contact the concerned institutions.

Under Saudi labor laws, it is illegal for foreign workers to flee their employer and work elsewhere instead of working for their sponsor. Such workers are reported to have escaped by their sponsors.

It can also be terminated within fifteen days after the onset of the disease. If this does not happen, the foreigner is deported, making it impossible for the immigrant to return to the country for a specified period.


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