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Thor: Chris Hemsworth will play the character for a long time to come

Thor 4 - Old Thor © Marvel Studios © Disney

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released on July 13 next. Although “solo” no longer has any meaning at Marvel, Thor 4 is Chris Hemsworth’s fourth “solo” film in the skin of the Norse god.

Thor joins the ranks of Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2011. Eleven years later, he is the first character in the MCU to go beyond the trilogy stage, while he is also present in the four films avengers, and that the actor also embodies it in two series episodes (What If?) on Disney+. Thor: Love and Thunder introduces Mighty Thorin the guise of Natalie Portman, which, for some, is a possible passing of the torch.

As part of the promotion of the film, Chris Hemsworth returned to his role with our colleagues from Extra. It defines the importance of Thor in his career is his career. Also, he assures that as much as possible, he will embody the character:

I like that I like that. I’ll keep coming back until someone kicks me off the stage, you know. I love it. My whole career has been based on me playing this character and coming back over and over and playing him with different directors and different actors has been an absolute joy. And, yeah, we’ll see what the fans want, and I don’t know, I’m up for anything nice and having a good time. That’s what this experience in the Marvel world has been for me, so go for it.

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