Thor 5: Marvel has Gareth Edwards (The Creator, Rogue One) in mind to direct

After the (very) mixed reception of Thor: Love and Thunder, Wonder decided to oust the New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititiwhose production gimmicks upset many of the film’s fans God of Thunder. I would like to see a really mature and serious direction for a final film about his character and no longer a stupid and grotesque satirical comedy, Chris Hemsworth is ready to re-stack one last time Thor Odinson. There is even more reason to draw a conclusion about the character since his narrative arc has already been well explored and the post-credits scene of Love and thunder revealed the impending arrival of the antagonist Hercules, played by him Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso).

There are therefore many properties that can potentially be mortgaged Thor 5 to give the character, who was one of the veteran Avengers in the first film, a worthy ending Joss Whedon In 2012. According to insider rumors Daniel Richtman, Disney I would keep an eye on a very talented director who has already achieved success Disney : Gareth Edwards. The one who recently recognized it The creatorwork of SF Unprecedented and very successful also has the very successful one on his resume Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016). There is no doubt that an arrival in the world of Thor could allow him to appropriate the mythology of the character to extract from it something sensational, the antithesis of the stupid and absurd of Taika Waititi.

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