This young man was the “most beautiful man in Italy,” but now he is becoming a priest

A young man voted “Most Beautiful in Italy” surprised all his followers by giving up modeling to become a priest.

Edoardo Santini became famous for his great physique and because he received this award for his beauty four years ago.

The Italian announced in a video that he had given up his dream of becoming famous and dedicated his life to the priesthood.

“At 21, I am on the path to becoming a priest, God willing,” Edoardo said after entering the seminary near Florence.

He studied acting and dance to prepare himself to become a television or modeling star.

Edoardo was also a swimming champion, but at the age of 17 he received the title of “Most Handsome Man in Italy” in a competition organized by the fashion group ABE.

It was this recognition that introduced him to the world of modeling and allowed him to collaborate with several brands.

“I have decided to give up modeling, acting and dancing, but I will not give up all my passions, I will just live them differently and offer them to God,” he said.

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Your life is changing

The young man revealed that the exchange and conversation with two priests last year changed his vision in life and that is why he decided to change his goals.

Santini began studying theology after attending a seminary on the outskirts of Florence. In addition, the exchange with other young people gave him the strength to deal with this topic, which has bothered him since his childhood.

“At the age of 21, I am embarking on the path of becoming a priest, God willing. “In recent years I have been able to meet people who have shown me what it means to be a church,” he told his followers.

The young man also assured that he will not give up his passions because he will live them in a different way, but this time from the hand of God.

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His story quickly went viral, prompting thousands of people to follow him on their social networks.

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