This young man was sued by Apple for repairing his devices

Given the huge success of his cell phone repair company Wiltech, young Wilmer Becerra never imagined Apple would sue him.

You may have seen it on the networks because this technician became famous by uploading videos about repairing iPhones; But now he is threatened with a legal dispute with the technology giant.

This Colombian showed that he could repair not only iPhones, but also iPads, Macs and all kinds of Apple devices. All of his customers told him that their devices could not be repaired because they lacked a warranty or were very expensive.

His project began more than a decade ago and he began documenting the repairs through videos on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook; where he already has more than 10 million followers.

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The process was simple: Wilmer received the equipment his customers considered lost and began explaining the diagnostic and repair process step by step.

In this way, Wiltech’s reputation began to grow and within a few years the company opened new service centers in Colombia. The company currently has several repair offices in Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and Panama.

The young man was sued by Apple

Everything was going well until he received a lawsuit from Apple asking him to stop repairing his devices; because he allegedly used unofficial parts and posed as an official service.

Additionally, the document mentioned that he could face prison time for violating some intellectual property laws.

“Apple Inc. is sending its lawyers to tell me that I can no longer repair its devices.” I thought Apple had more important problems, like preparing to launch the iPhone 15; But now they tell me that if I don’t stop repairing their equipment, I could go to prison,” the young man said.

Wilmer denied all allegations, but admitted that in some cases he used the Apple logo to promote his company out of sheer ignorance.

This technician also explained that there are some electronic elements that are not patented and can be used to repair devices without authorization.

“We responded that we do things as they should and offer solutions to customers that they did not serve (due to lack of guarantee),” said the young man.

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However, Apple management accepted his answer and finally made him an offer: instead of fighting in court, they suggested that he become the company’s official repairer.

Although the dispute was not resolved, this young man revealed that the dispute he had with Apple led to a drastic increase in the number of customers. For now, he has asked for patience to be able to comply with them as he still has a lot of work on his back.

Wiltech’s popularity is so great that the company decided to open an online academy to teach people how to diagnose and repair devices.

This young man’s story went viral around the world because he was sued by Apple for repairing thousands of its damaged devices.

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