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This would be a war between the United States and China: who would win, how many deaths, and for how long

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Because of their vast differences, the United States and China have historically been compared as two countries. Beijing and Washington, two world powers, have always had a complicated relationship, and in recent years disputes over Taiwan, the arms race and international trade – particularly the chip war – have exacerbated the two countries’ difficult coexistence. So much so that there is talk of a military conflict between the two “soon”. But what would happen if a “cold war” broke out between the two countries?

From the United States, Air Force generals predict a war could break out by 2025, with Washington leading one side and China leading the other. However, the Navy believes it would be later, in 2027. Likewise in view of this “imminent threat” The Center for International Strategic Studies ran a simulation to see what would happen if war broke out between the US and China.

What would happen in a war between the United States? This would be the origin of the conflict and the winner

The origin of the conflict would be unleashed in Taiwan, an island allied with Washington that Beijing recognizes as part of its territory. It would be a A massive bomber developed by China in this region that would wipe out the entire Taiwanese fleet with the arrival of Chinese soldiers who would invade the island. Something similar happened in Ukraine on February 24, 2022 with the start of the Russian invasion.

All of this would force the rest of the world to act, and the US would be there. The US Army would also bomb the island already occupied by China to prevent Xi Jinping’s troops from settling there.. They would also use the bases they have there South Korea and Japan are close to Taiwan and would also take part in the conflictsupported by long-range cruise missiles.

As for the balance, it is estimated that around 140 soldiers would die per day. China, Japan and the United States would therefore be severely affected. Beijing would lose 155 fighters, due to 270 losses from Washington and 112 from Japan. Warships would also be sunk, as China would lose a total of 138, compared to 17 American and 26 from Tokyo.

Third World War? Experts predict a large-scale conflict with the US and China “soon.”

According to the exercise The United States would win the conflict and end the Chinese presence and Taiwan, and from then on the island would be internationally recognized as independent (although today up to fourteen territories consider Taipei independent of China). Aside from that, Washington would further strengthen its presence in the PacificBecause it cannot be ruled out that Beijing would retaliate as a result of this hypothetical conflict and there would be a reaction in the form of a renewed attack on Taipei, supported by other partner countries of the Asian giant (such as Russia).


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