This woman receives a box of shoes from Amazon almost every day and doesn’t know how to stop it

Usually, receiving a package from Amazon is a cause for joy, but at least there is A person whose day is bitter when he finds a smiling box on the door of his home.

A Canadian, Anca Nitu, has received over 50 unwanted packages from Amazon in the last two months. Each package includes a return slip and a pair of shoes returned to Nit’s address by an Amazon customer in North America.

Nitu thinks she knows what’s going on. Apparently, some Amazon sellers have obtained your Amazon account information and use your name and home address to easily get rid of unwanted returned items.

In the United States, it’s not uncommon for foreign sellers to discard items that customers want to return, rather than paying for storage and shipping to their home country. Therefore, By providing the address to which customers should return items, they are referring to someone else’s address.

Nitu says he lost sleep trying to prevent the packages from arriving, and So far, he has incurred customs fees from UPS for pickup, which are already over $300.

Until no more packages arrive, Nitu has stuck a note on his door that reads: «All cash on delivery deliveries for Anca Nitu will be rejected. UPS please do not leave packages at my door.

He also had to think about what to do with all those shoes. At one point he contacted the police, who advised him to open and discard the packages. Since Nitu could not use the shoes, he gave them to his colleagues or donated them.

“I have no storage space and I can’t keep all these shoes indefinitely”said Nite.

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