This wish of Radio King remained unfulfilled; he wanted to tell the story of his struggle to future generations.

Every day there is bad news in the entertainment industry. People had not yet come to terms with the deaths of Rituraj Singh and Suhani Bhatnagar when another piece of bad news came. Radio king Amin Sayani has died. Amin died of heart failure at the age of 91. Amin Sayani had made people crazy with his radio show Geetmala. This radio show was broadcast from 1952 to 1994. This show made Amin a household name.

Amin Sayani was ill for some time. He also started to forget some things. In such a situation, he wanted to fulfill one of his wishes that remained unfulfilled. He had told about this wish.

Amin Sayani, in a special conversation with Pradeep Sardarana, had said, “I want to write my autobiography.” I want to present to the world all the special things of my life in the form of a book so that future generations can also know how I lived despite all the struggles and difficult ones circumstances succeeded. I think this will inspire people and people will remember me too.

Amin had further said: “Now I have also started to get a sore throat.” This is also why I am having difficulty getting admission. The sad thing is that I’ve now started forgetting a lot of my things. Now I’m busy with this work. Before I forget everything, I should write this book. All I’m afraid of is whether this last dream of mine will come true or not.

This last wish of Amin remained unfulfilled. He also wanted to tell about his love story in his book. He married a Kashmiri Pandit girl. In addition, he wanted to tell his fans about his life from school to the theater.

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We tell you that Amin’s family was associated with the freedom movement. He was only 7 years old when he first saw the radio show on All India Radio along with his brother, broadcaster Hamid Sayani. From that day on, this world of voice and style became so entrenched in the heart and mind of Amin Sayani that after a few years he himself became the king of the world of voice.

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