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This will be the pre-Olympics for Spain: Russian Roulette will be held in Paris in 2024

A pivotal moment on his journey to be in Paris 2024 and fight for Olympic glory.

With the pre-Olympics fast approaching, it’s an opportunity for Spain that could start its journey to Paris 2024 or the end of his Olympic dreams. This basketball tournament brings luck, strategy and talent together in a fierce competition that will determine which teams advance to the Olympics. With luck in the pots, Spain could find a more accessible route to Paris, but the competition will be relentless.

So Spain national team coach Sergio Scariolo has himself described the forthcoming pre-Olympic games as a “titanic achievement”.. And he’s right. If all the World Cup Olympic spots were taken, Spain would not be on the radar for Paris 2024. However, this play-off tournament offers a second chance for Spain and other teams from around the world.

pre-Olympic Spain
A crucial challenge for Spain on the road to Paris 2024

The Spanish Pre-Olympics: a unique opportunity and challenge

Spain’s position in pot one of the pre-Olympic draw has obvious advantages. You will avoid the strong already classified teams like USA, Canada, France or Australia. In addition, they also get rid of the top three teams. This could mean Spain avoiding countries like Germany, Lithuania, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy, which would ease its path to Paris 2024.

However, The road to qualification is never easy and there will always be strong teams in the tournament. Although Spain are in a favorable position at the draw, the competition will be fierce and every game will be crucial in securing a spot at the Olympics.

The confirmed decisions and the unknowns

So far, 20 of the 24 teams that will take part in the pre-Olympics are known. In addition to Spain, teams such as Montenegro, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Greece, Georgia, Egypt, Finland, New Zealand, Lebanon, Philippines, Mexico, Angola, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Bahamas, Bahrain, Poland and Croatia are included . . The four remaining teams will come from the six European teams that are in the World Cup quarter-finals: Germany, Slovenia, Lithuania, Italy, Serbia and Latvia.

Uncertainty over which teams will take part in the tournament is adding tension to Spain’s pre-season. Each of these European teams is strong and has the ability to surprise in the pre-Olympics. Undoubtedly, the pre-Olympics are developing into an exciting challenge for Spain. With a favorable position in the draw and unwavering determination, The Spanish basketball team will try to secure their place at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

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