Home World This will be the first edition of the Metaverse Fashion Week

This will be the first edition of the Metaverse Fashion Week

This will be the first edition of the Metaverse Fashion Week

If five or even six years ago, someone came along and told us that, in the not-too-distant future, we were going to live in the presence of an all-digital parallel world known as the ‘metaverse’, we would label that person ‘crazy’. But nevertheless, it is already a reality, augmented reality and never better said. The metaverse is something that has been introduced into society little by little to the point of captivating most sectors of the market, this is the case of the Metaverse Fashion Week.

Has the idea of ​​attending a parade through virtual reality ever crossed your mind? Well, this is already possible thanks to the platform Decentraland. It is here that the first edition of the Metaverse Fashion Weekthe first fashion event involved in the metaverse.

To set this up, Decentraland had the help and collaboration of several companies, such as polygonalblockchain-savvy luxury marketplace, and UNXDcompany in charge of sharing Dolce & Gabbana’s first NFT clothing collection.

What will the Metaverse Fashion Week be like?

Fashion shows, exhibitions, pop-up stores, after parties and immersive experiences will be accessible. You will be allowed to interact with other viewers, including purchasing virtual clothing and accessories for the avatars. The event will have a duration of four daysbetween March 24 and 27 of this year.

It will have the presence of some of the most recognized brands in the worldsuch as Dolce & Gabbana, Zara, Gucci or Balenciaga. “The goal of promoting the connection between the world of fashion and the metaverse, connecting communities, new designers and NFT projects”it states Andrew Kigue, CEO of Tokens.com.

Companies that have joined the trend of the ‘metaverse’

There are many fashion companies that have joined this world, although Above is the entertainment and video game sector. It is the sector that leads the ranking, some of the companies are: Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, Microsoft, etc.

Keeping up with fashion Balenciaga was the first company to enter this world. He introduced his items on the Fortnite video game platform. Van’sfollowed the same steps, created a platform known as “Vans World”, thanks to its collaboration with Roblox. In it, he sold his articles. Next, she finds Nike. He decided to sign a collaboration agreement with RTFKT, with the aim of introducing his sneakers to the metaverse. By last, H&M, which opened a virtual store in CEEK City, where users can buy the products they want.

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