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This will be the art circle that will decorate the Bahidorá 2024 Festival

Iluminación, retratos y obras: así será el circuito de arte del Festival Bahidorá 2024

The party Bahidora 2024 has raised great expectations after confirming the list of artists who will take part in the event.

The organizers never cease to surprise and this time announced the art circle that will accompany the festival and decorate the spaces of Las Estacas, which will welcome visitors on February 16, 17 and 18.

“With Art Circuit 2024, Bahidorá continues to explore new forms of expression and creativity to connect us with the wonderful space that surrounds us. And see you next time in.” The stakes, “Art will welcome us in a big way, in the truest sense of the word,” they said.

Nine artists from Mexico, Chile, France and Germany will be responsible for transforming the esplanades, paths and large spaces with interventions specially developed for this event.

The works will decorate the natural environment and give it new meaning through disciplines such as architecture, garnography, sculpture, mural painting and experimental media such as lighting and digital art.

The artists responsible for the art circle

Mexican artists Lorena Perez Villers, Fredelle And Roy Barba They are responsible for designing the pieces that will be exhibited at the festival.

They are added Crochet mustache (Chili), Studio 512, Theresa Reiwer, Niklas Gerstner And Great stuff (Germany), Jeremy Oury And Thomas Voillaume (France).

“The Art Circuit invites us to look at the magnificent natural environment that welcomes us from a new perspective, where we can explore art through different creative portals that will open new worlds in Bahidorá; while inspiration and wonder will cause us to look upward,” they explained.

For example, the work you will do Studio 512 As for the setting, it will completely change the scenarios. And that’s why his work aims to offer visitors to concerts a completely unique space for audiovisual enjoyment.

Aspects such as lighting, lasers, mapping, 3D animations and all sorts of new technologies will be the elements with which Studio 512 creates ideal spaces to increase the energy of visitors.

The Mexican, for his part Erika Fredelle will be responsible for the large mural Bahidora 2024 with which you will awaken all your senses.

His work is characterized by depicting and transforming urban environments with images of people, insects and ecosystems that convey strength and vulnerability; but this also connects to the natural and spiritual.

The Bahidorá Festival will be completely reinvented in 2024, with a new bet that will surprise all participants.

People who want to enjoy this festival can purchase their tickets, accommodation and transportation through the portal Passline.

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