This will be Movistar 2023 in the first year without Valverde

The Movistar team is already looking at the 2023 season after a 2022 full of shocks in which the squad has gone from flirting with relegation from the UCI World Tour to sealing its permanence in the highest division of cycling for the next three years with a great season finale.

The 2023 season will be “strange” for Movistar since, after 18 seasons, the team will not have Alejandro Valverde in its ranks, one of the great legends of cycling, and who decided to hang up his bike at the end of this year. The loss of ‘Bala’ will leave a notable void that Movistar must solve.

The vacuum in the leadership that Valverde leaves will fill it Enrique Mas. With the withdrawal of the Murcian, the Mallorcan will be the great leader of Movistar for the main events of the calendar. A Mas that this season has had moments of many doubts and that bottomed out in the last Tour de France but managed to recover to finish second in the Vuelta a España, win the Giro dell’Emilia from Tadej Pogacar and be second in the Giro de Lombardy, only surpassed by the Slovenian.

But he will not be alone to fight for these great objectives, since at his side he will have companions who will leave their skin on the mountain for him like the incombustible Carlos Verona, Antonio Pedrero, Jorge Arcas, Gorka Izagirre, Gregor Mühlberger, Óscar Rodríguez, Einer Rubio, Sergio Samitier and an Iván Sosa from whom Movistar expects great performances after his victory in the Tour of Langkawi, in addition to the new signing of the team for next season: Ruben Guerrero. The Portuguese, one of the great climbers in the peloton, has already made a name for himself in big races such as the Giro d’Italia 2020 or this year with his victory at the Mont Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge, so it is presented as a life insurance for Plus.

For your part Alex Aranburu and Ivan Garcia Cortina They will have the mission of filling the gap left by Alejandro Valverde when it comes to facing the great classics on the calendar. Both Aranburu and Cortina have already shown this season that they can shine in one-day races and in 2023 they hope to step up to rub shoulders with the elite of the pack. In the Movistar team there are also other figures who can make people talk as stage hunters and in this type of one-day races like the American matthew jorgenson or the Spanish Oier Lazkano and Gonzalo Serrano.

Another of Movistar’s novelties for next season is its commitment to be present in the sprints, as demonstrated by the signing of Fernando Gaviria. The Colombian, who became one of the great sprinters in the peloton, hopes to recover his spark in the massive arrivals and for this he will be well accompanied by another sprinter like Max Kanter and cyclists who can do a great job on the flat like Will Barta, Lluis Mas, Mathias Norsgaard, Nelson Oliveira, José Joaquín Rojas, Albert Torres or the veteran Imanol Ervitiwho will be in his nineteenth season with the team at the age of 38.

Movistar also includes runners in its team who aim to be future pearls of the squad such as Ivan Romeo. The 19-year-old Spanish cyclist has emerged as a great time trialist and hopes to continue growing as a rider during his time with Movistar. Other young promises to follow from Movistar will be the Puerto Rican Abner Gonzalezthe German Jury Hollmannthe Swiss Johan Jacobs or the brazilian Vinicius Rangel. With this team, Movistar will try to shine again in the peloton in 2023 in search of new goals and challenges in the first year without Valverde.

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Van Vleuten’s Last Dance

The women’s Movistar faces a 2023 season with the aim of equaling or surpassing the incredible 2022 season in which they managed to conquer Giro, Tour and Vuelta with the Dutch Annemiek Van Vleutenwho will also wear the rainbow world champion jersey in her last season as a professional.

Van Vleuten wants to say goodbye to cycling in a big way trying to revalidate the titles won in this 2022 before taking over who is emerging as his successor as leader for the coming seasons: the German Liane Lippert, one of the great signings for this season. Van Vleuten will also count on the mountain with the help of the Norwegian Katrine Aalerudand the Colombian Paula Patinowhich has taken a step forward in this 2022.

If Van Vleuten will be the team’s great asset for the Grand Tours, the Danish Emma Norsgaard will once again be Movistar’s main reference in the classics, especially in Flanders. Along with Norsgaard will be another of the team’s new signings, the Dutch Floortje Mackaij, besides the cuban Arlene Sierrathe Serbian jelena eric or the Spanish Sheyla Gutierrezwhich can also shine in sprint finishes.

The French complete the team aude biannicthe young Australian promise Sarah Giantthe Spanish Alicia Gonzalez, Sara Martin, Lourdes Oyarbide and Gloria Rodriguezwho will work for their leaders and try to repeat a historic season in 2023 in the goodbye of Van Vleuten.

Movistar men’s team squad for 2023

– Alex Aranburu (Spain): 27 years old

– Jorge Arcas (Spain): 30 years old

– Will Barta (United States): 26 years old

– Imanol Erviti (Spain): 38 years old

– Iván García Cortina (Spain): 26 years old

– Fernando Gaviria (Colombia): 28 years old

– Abner Gonzalez (Puerto Rico): 22 years old

– Ruben Guerreiro (Portugal): 28 years old

– Juri Hollmann (Germany): 23 years old

– Gorka Izagirre (Spain): 35 years old

– Johan Jacobs (Switzerland): 25 years old

– Matteo Jorgenson (United States): 23 years old

– Max Kanter (Germany): 24 years old

– Oier Lazkano (Spain): 22 years old

– Enric Mas (Spain): 27 years old

– Lluis Mas (Spain): 33 years old

– Gregor Mühlberger (Austria): 28 years old

– Mathias Norsgaard (Denmark): 25 years old

– Nelson Oliveira (Portugal): 33 years old

– Antonio Pedrero (Spain): 30 years old

– Vinicius Rangel (Brazil): 21 years old

– Óscar Rodríguez (Spain): 27 years old

– José Joaquín Rojas (Spain): 37 years old

– Ivan Romeo (Spain): 19 years old

– Einer Rubio (Colombia): 24 years old

– Sergio Samitier (Spain): 27 years old

– Gonzalo Serrano (Spain): 28 years old

– Ivan Sosa (Colombia): 24 years old

– Albert Torres (Spain): 32 years old

– Carlos Verona (Spain) 29 years old

Movistar Team women’s team squad for 2023

– Katrine Aalerud (Norway): 27 years old

– Aude Biannic (France): 31 years old

– Jelena Eric (Serbia): 26 years old

– Sarah Giant (Australia): 22 years old

– Alicia Gonzalez (Spain): 27 years old

– Sheyla Gutiérrez (Spain): 28 years old

– Liane Lippert (Germany): 24 years old

– Floortje Mackaij (Netherlands): 27 years old

– Sara Martin (Spain): 23 years old

– Emma Norsgaard (Denmark): 23 years old

– Lourdes Oyarbide (Spain): 28 years old

– Paula Patiño (Colombia): 25 years old

– Gloria Rodríguez (Spain): 30 years old

– Arlenis Sierra (Cuba): 29 years old

– Annemiek Van Vleuten (Netherlands): 40 years old

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