This was Trupti Dimri’s parents’ reaction to the intimate scene in “Animal”.

Actress Trupti Dimri came to the limelight in the film Animal. In this film, Trupti shot many intimate scenes with actor Ranbir Kapoor. Since then, her bold scenes have caught everyone’s attention. Tripti’s fan base has increased significantly since the film Animal. Everyone is crazy about the actress’s looks.

Now the actress revealed in an interview how her own parents reacted after seeing these intimate scenes. Trupti said, “My parents were a little surprised.” After watching the intimate scene, he said, “We’ve never seen anything like this in movies, and you did this.” It took some time for him to compose himself normalized after watching this scene.

Tripti further said that my parents reacted like that, you shouldn’t have done that but it’s fine. The same is true for us as parents. The actress said: “I told him I’m not doing anything wrong. “That’s my job and as long as I’m safe I don’t see any problem with it. I am an actress and I have to be honest with the character I play and I have done that.

Trupti had previously spoken openly about filming this scene. He revealed that “On the day the shoot took place, only five people were allowed on the set.” She said that Ranbir constantly kept an eye on her whether she was okay while filming the scene or not.

The actress continued: “No one else was allowed on set, all the monitors were turned off and they said, ‘This is the scene we’re doing.’ If at any point you feel confused, let us know. We will follow your instructions. Every five minutes Ranbir Kapoor would check on me and ask, ‘Are you OK?’ I think these things are really important.”

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