This was the accident of the plane on which Prigozhin was traveling

He Leader of the Wagner paramilitary groupYevgeny Prigozhinthere would be deceased in the course of one private flight in a level of his property. Since his name was on the passenger list, it was assumed that he was on board the flight

Eight bodies were found at the scene of the accident, almost all with severe burns, who are expected to undergo DNA testing to reveal their identities.

The plane was a Embraer Legacy 600 The gone off the radar at an altitude of 8,500 meters when its speed was approx 950 kilometers per hour. At 18:20, 17:30 in Spain, after almost 30 minutes of flight, the air traffic controllers lost contact with the crew.

The remains of the plane were found just 50 km from Putin’s residence. According to the Daily Telegraph a UK Government Security Sourcewould confirm that the plane would have been shot down by the Russian secret service FSB.

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