This was Aleix Espargaró’s mistake

“If they prick me now they won’t even draw blood,” he said. Aleix Espargaro as soon as he took off his helmet after the MotoGP race in Montmeló. What was going to be quite a party at the grand prix at his house, ended up being a land swallow me due to a blunder by the Aprilia rider one lap from the end. The one from Granollers crossed the finish line convinced that the total distance had been completed of race and then, complying with the protocol, began to greet the public after slowing down to end up burying all his podium chances in a weekend, which until then had been perfect.

Aleix was slow to react and had to be overtaken by up to four riders, to be aware of your mistake. Martín, Zarco, Mir and Marini (whom Espargaró was finally able to win the position to be fifth), surpassed Granollers’s plane at that moment of confusion. “I have looked at the tower to see the laps and I did not remember that here (in Montmelo) is L1 then 0″, narrates the one from Aprilia, about where the mistake was in an action that he considers “a very big mistake”. “You can’t afford a mistake like that in MotoGP fighting for a championship,” he assures, despite having been applauded throughout Noale’s house on his arrival at the box as a sign of support.

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