This viral video shows how Live Text can be useful for “stealing” notes

Apple released iOS 15 a month ago, and one of the improvements it brings is Live Text, which allows you to convert images into written text.

The function allows you to interact with any text that the iPhone AI can recognize, whether it’s photos or images online.

To prove it, you just need to take a picture of something that contains written information and start interacting with it. You can select it to copy and paste to another site, translate or even interact with it – for example, call if it’s a phone number.

You will now need to have an iPhone XR or later to use Live Text. Older phones that support iOS 15 do not support Live Text.

Now it showed a video on social media showing how this feature can be useful.

A Twitter user shared the following video on Twitter, which went viral. The video received over 2.7 million views and over 85,000 likes and was first posted on TikTok in France.


As you can see in the video, A student using iOS 15 on their iPhone takes a photo of a classmate’s laptop screen. This person is taking notes during class on the laptop.

The TikTok user then goes to the Photos app on the iPhone to select the text of the photo they just took and copy everything.

This is how you can “steal” your colleagues’ notes with Live Text. Of course, you must make sure that the phone can capture a quality photo of the text you want to interact with.

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