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This village wants to change department to… save money

It would be a first. According to information from Parisian, Friday May 20, the village of Golancourt, located at the north-eastern end of the department, wishes to leave the community of communes of the noyonnais country (CCPN) for that of the east of the Somme (CCES), neighboring department. The reason is purely economic: “The sewage system, the tax on household waste… On several points, we will pay less”, assures a resident of Golancourt to our colleagues. Indeed, the water bill could thus be reduced “by 70 cents per m3 and the price of the subscription divided by two”, specifies the mayor of the village, David Louvrier. As for the tax on the removal of household waste, it would drop from 12.30% to 3.74%. In total, over one year, it would be “€50,000 more purchasing power for our inhabitants”, says the mayor.

Is changing intermunicipality legally possible? As Le Parisien explains, a 2019 law indeed authorizes a city to leave its intermunicipal community for another, provided that the latter accepts it. The CCES would be “favorable” according to the elected official. “We are a rich municipality with two great companies, we will bring them a land contribution and added value,” he adds. Conversely, Golancourt could reap many benefits. “Today, corporate taxes go in full to the CCPN. If we join the CCES, 60% would be donated to us,” says David Louvrier. In terms of urban development, the attachment to the CCES would make it possible to set up a cycle path on an axis which crosses the border. “A flagship project of the town”, indicates the city councilor, but which could not be done because of the border. “However, the Somme department has integrated it into its plan”, assures the mayor.

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“Everything” is on the other side of the border

For the approximately 315 voters in the village, changing departments would also be more consistent in view of their daily lives. Most of them already have their habits in the Somme. “Everything we need on a daily basis is on the other side of the border”, explains a shopkeeper to the Parisian. The nearest supermarket would even be in Noyon, in the Somme.

Even if the elected officials of the CCPN “do not have a say”, the town hall organized a citizen consultation on Saturday May 21. Residents were invited to vote for or against the change of intercommunity. “I need a strong mobilization to convince the prefecture”, supported the mayor. If the host intercommunality accepts, the file is then studied during a departmental commission. The vote of the community council of the east of the Somme should be held in the coming months according to Le Parisien. Then it will be the turn of the Oise prefecture to decide. The village of Golancourt hopes to join the CCES as of January 1, 2023.


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