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This tool connects to Teams, Webex, Zoom and Meet for you and takes notes

Missing a meeting via web conferencing may no longer be a problem, thanks to a new update to the Otter.ai transcription platform.

The company he released an update of your Otter Assistant Tool that transcribes the videoconferences of Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Cisco Webex for you, leaving users free to join the meeting without worrying about taking notes.

The function can even sync with your calendar and automatically join meetings if you can’t attend, taking notes and packing them neatly for when you have time.

Otter Assistant was already able to join the Zoo videoconferencesI transcribe them, but the company says that this expansion to other platforms will help more than the approximately 500 million daily users on the most popular videoconferencing services.

Once activated, the Otter Assistant will start automatically transcribe the meeting using the company’s AI tools toin addition to providing an audio recording of the call.

Users can highlight, add images, comments or questions, search by keyword or name, and review transcript and audio during and after the meeting.

Otter.ai also allows companies create custom vocabularies for internal names, slang or acronyms, so that the transcript is completely accurate.

All notes can also be accessed via the Otter.ai web app or mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The tool is currently only available to Otter Business Plan users, with a subscription starting at $20 per user per month.

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