This time the writer is Adar, the writer’s wife is elusive

Actor Adar Khan is in the light of appreciation for acting in local films. This actor gave new news before the Eid movie. This time he will be seen as a writer. Adhra Khan is playing the role of the writer’s wife in this film.

The movie is called Writer.

Adhara Khan’s ‘Sultanpur’ will be released on June 2. Where Adhara Khan acted. Just in the midst of the excitement of Sultanpur, he was not only a part of the new news, but he was spending time under the light camera action – reported Ekhbar.

Recently, the shooting of the movie ‘Writer’ has started in Film Valley of Dhamrai. It is directed by Apoorva Rana. A writer’s own two worlds will emerge in parallel in this story. The popularity of writing, persecution and personal life of the writer will come up on the screen.

About her character in the movie, Adhara said, My character’s name in the movie is Tatali. Here Adar is a writer, I play his wife. There are a number of doors to that hidden personal life outside the author’s outer being in the cinema; There is happiness and sadness, pain and suffering, these will come up. And one of the companions of his personal life is his wife. Naturally these equations will be analyzed.

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